By gaining insight into your own health, you will be able to know how to improve your lifestyle. TANITA helps to give insights into your own health. Based on these insights, you’ll get specific tools to get started with creating Healthy Habits for Happiness! TANITA is the inventor of complete body analysis scales and our reliable Japanese technology is still ahead of the rest. Find out more about our high-quality products with unbeatable warranties and decide which TANITA scale is right for you.  

Body composition scales

You don’t just measure your weight with the body composition scales of TANITA. You measure your entire health. Based on the most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, you professionally monitor various measurements of your body. The composition of a human body is roughly divided into fat, muscle, bone and water. With a body composition monitor, you gain insight into these different parts of your body. Thus, a body analysis monitor measures not only your weight, but also muscle mass, metabolism, visceral fat, bone mass and body fluids, and more. This way, you get to know your physical condition and are aware of your health on a daily basis. 

Not only do you measure your weight with the body composition scales of TANITA, you actually measure your entire health. Based on the most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, you monitor various measurements of your body in a professional manner. 

Segmental body composition scales

With our segmental body composition scales, you measure your health accurately by body segment. Based on both foot and hand electrodes, a segmental body composition scale from TANITA gathers accurate insights from your arms, legs and trunk. TANITA is the only provider that has made this professional technology - used among others by gyms and dieticians - available to consumers. These segmental scales are only manufactured for consumer use. If you are a professional, please check out our professional monitors.  

Connected body composition scales

TANITA’s connected body composition scales are also known as Smart scales. Connect your smart scale to the free MyTANITA App and get all the insights from the connected body composition scale on your phone or tablet.

Why Segmental? 

The segmental body composition scales take accurate measurements of different parts of your body. These measurements are not only done using foot electrodes - as you are used to from a 'normal' weighing scale - but also with hand electrodes. The measurements of our segmental scales focus on the five segments of the body (both arms, both legs and the torso) and thus achieve professional precision. By thoroughly measuring your body about once a week, you keep a sharp eye on your own health development. 

TANITA is the only provider that makes the high-quality segmental technology in its scales accessible to everyone. Using the accurate measurements per body part, you know exactly where to focus your training. Segmental body analysis scales are ideal if you are curious about the measurements of different body parts. This could be used, for example, to set up a responsible training programme or a thorough recovery plan after an injury. 

The technology behind the TANITA (segmental) body composition monitors

The body composition scales work on the basis of BIA technology: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. With this technique, a light safe electrical current is sent through the body. The electrodes go through the feet to the legs and then towards the abdomen. The electrical signal travels fluently through the fluid present in hydrated muscle tissue, but encounters resistance when it hits fat. This resistance - called impedance - is measured and fed into scientifically validated TANITA equations to calculate body composition very accurately. Segmental scales use the same technology, but with the help of the handles, the electrical signals are also sent from the hands, for more specific measurements per body part. 

Bathroom scales

The TANITA bathroom scales are the most accurate when it comes to measuring your weight. They are available in various colours and sizes. For example, you will find that the world's smallest bathroom scale is produced by TANITA!

Kitchen scales

The TANITA kitchen scales are known for their precision. They measure up to 0,1 gram accurately. The TANITA kitchen scales can be found in different sizes and colours.

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Medical advisory board

TANITA is regarded by the scientific community as the gold standard in BIA technology and the TANITA Medical Advisory Board ensures Tanita remains at the forefront of scientific advances. TANITA uniquely offers this technology for both professional and home use.


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