Segmental body composition scales

Segmental body composition scales

Are you a fanatical athlete and actively involved in performance and health and do you want more insight into the health of your body and how you can train more effectively? 

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With a TANITA segmental body analysis scale, you can measure your fat, muscle mass and muscle quality per body part. This gives you the most valuable insights to optimise your nutrition and training. The measurements of the segmental scales are based on the reliable, accurate and proven bioelectrical impedance technology (BIA). Set your health goal, work towards it and be motivated by the TANITA segmental body analysis scale. 

What is a segmental measurement?

A segmental measurement is an analysis that tells you everything about your body composition, consisting of fat, muscle, protein, body water and minerals. Thanks to this advanced scale, you know exactly what the proportions are between these factors. This allows you to focus entirely on your performance. If you are losing weight or want to gain muscle mass, a segmental scale can tell you exactly how much lean mass and muscle mass you have. Using both foot and hand electrodes, a separate measurement is taken for both your arms, both your legs and the torso. This technology is used by professionals such as dieticians and gyms, but TANITA is the only provider to make this professional technology available to you! 

For who is the segmental monitor most suitable?

A segmental scale is an excellent choice for anyone who is dedicated to sport and works every day to improve their performance. Such a scale can help detect muscle imbalances. You can then finetune your training to correct these. Additionally, a segmental scale is also ideal when recovering from an injury. This is because you can monitor the affected body part, and create a training plan accordingly. 

In addition, segmental scales can explain weight gain precisely. For instance, a certain body part may retain more water. If you want to work on specific body parts, a segmental scale will help you. Segmental scales take a more critical and complete look at your whole body by measuring each body part. Therefore, segmental scales are for anyone who wants to measure their body composition and accurately track their progress. 

In the elderly, muscle mass is particularly important for maintaining mobility, supporting the joints and in maintaining good balance, thereby helping to minimise the risk of falls and fractures. A good or high level of muscle mass is also fast becoming recognised as a key indicator for longevity. Muscle tissue naturally declines with age. A person can lose up to 50% of their muscle mass between the ages of 20 and 90 – another reason why it is important to keep muscle mass levels within the healthy range at every life stage. 

A segmental measurement of muscle mass can help to measure the legs separately. This allows a training plan to be made to strengthen the weaker muscles.

Benefits of a segmental body composition monitor

Still wondering if a TANITA segmental scale is for you? We have listed the benefits for you:  

Professional quality: a segmental body analysis scale with BIA technology has never before been available for your home use! With this scale, you get the best quality in the house that is normally only used by professionals. 

Accurate: thanks to our sophisticated algorithm, the measured values are converted into accurate numbers. Within 20 seconds of stepping on the scale, you will gain insight into your body composition per body part and therefore your health! When you choose TANITA, you choose Japanese premium quality.

Provides more insight: based on the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology, you gain insight into the precise measurement values of, among others, muscle mass, muscle quality and fat mass per body part! This allows you to put together a balanced plan to improve your health. After all, purely looking at your weight does not give you all the information you need. 

Extra motivation: a TANITA segmental body composition scale helps you stay motivated. Thanks to the segmental monitor, you gain new insights that motivate you to change habits and adopt a new healthy lifestyle. Set goals, measure them and you will see that you will be more motivated to reach your goals! Regular monitoring of your progress has been proven to greatly increase the chances of achieving your goals. Set goals, measure them and you'll see that you get motivated to reach your goals! Choose a smart segmental body analysis scale and all your measurements will be sent directly to the free MyTANITA App, allowing you to monitor your own progress quickly and easily.

The segmental scale gives you an insight into the following values

Depending on the segmental body analysis scale model you choose, you can measure the following values: 

Muscle mass: The weight of muscles in relation to the total body weight. A higher muscle mass ensures a higher resting metabolism, because muscles burn fat.

Segmental muscle mass: Want to know exactly where you have the most muscle mass in your body? The segmental muscle mass is the muscle mass value for five body parts: the central abdominal area and each arm and leg. 

Muscle quality: This unique measurement indicates the (quality) of the muscles. The muscles of young people or people who exercise regularly are normally in good condition, but the condition of the muscles deteriorates as you age, or in people who do not exercise enough.

Segmental muscle quality score: Indicating the condition (quality) of muscle which changes according to factors like age and exercise level.  The larger the number, the greater your muscle mass is. This score is also measured segmentally, i.e. separately for the body parts mentioned. This allows you to detect any imbalance in both leg muscles, which can help during rehabilitation, for example. 

Fat percentage: The total amount of fat in relation to the total body weight. It is healthier for women to have a higher body fat % than men.

Segmental body fat percentage: In addition to muscle mass, a segmental scale also measures fat mass by body part. The Segmental Body Fat Percentage shows the fat percentage for five body segments: central abdomen, both arms and both legs.

Visceral fat: This is the fat located around the organs in the trunk and abdomen. Visceral fat has the function of protecting the organs, but too high a percentage can cause health problems. People who appear slim can still have a high visceral fat value. 

Basal metabolic rate: This is the metabolic rate required to provide the minimum amount of energy necessary for your body to function properly.

Metabolic age: This unique measurement shows the age of your body. If this age is lower than your own, you are fine. If your metabolic age is higher than your calendar age, there is work to be done! 

Heart rate: This new (and unique) measurement follows the heartbeat and can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It also helps you to recognise when you might be overtraining.

Percentage of body water: This percentage shows the amount of water retained by your body. 

BMI: The Body Mass Index shows the relationship between your height and weight. It tells whether you are underweight, normal weight or overweight. A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25. 

Physique score: A unique measurement from TANITA that gives a good estimation of your body type based on your body fat and muscle quality.

Get stronger with TANITA!

Whether you're a beginner or have been immersed in pursuing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for some time, TANITA is for everyone. Our segmental body composition monitors feature reliable Japanese technology making them accurate, easy to use and highly accessible. Thanks to our BIA technology, you can see a wide range of health values, including muscle mass, fat mass, BMI, visceral fat, water percentage, basal metabolic rate and metabolic age. A segmental scale challenges and motivates you to achieve your personal health goals!

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In short: the segmental body analysis scale from TANITA helps you to improve your performance on a per body part basis. We believe these insights will enable you to change your lifestyle and develop new, healthy habits.