Smart body composition scales

Smart body composition scales

Are you a fanatical athlete and actively involved in performance and health and do you want more insight into the health of your body and how you can train more effectively? 

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How does such a smart body analysis scale work? After stepping on the smart body analysis scale, the measurements are sent directly to the MyTANITA App. There you get a clear picture of your health progress over time. This information goes far beyond simply measuring your body weight. The smart body analysis scale takes more than 10 different measurements, including your muscle mass, body water and metabolic age.

Do I need a smart body composition scale?

A smart body analysis scale from TANITA gives you more valuable information about your health. The measurements of our smart body analysis scales are based on the reliable, accurate and proven bioelectrical impedance analysis technology (BIA). This allows you to accurately see if you are losing fat, gaining muscle or otherwise improving your health. So you know exactly what you need to work on, and with this information you can easily adjust your diet or training schedule accordingly. 

Do I need a smart connected body scale with an app?

Smart body composition scales come with our smartphone app. The results and scores are automatically sent to the app and stored after each measurement. This gives you insight into the trends and results over time. This is a good thing, since it is highly motivating to see how you have progressed over time and it greatly increases the chances of achieving your set goals. It is therefore a simple and fun way to keep track of your health and helps you to focus on your own performance! Is an app-based scale not required for you? Then take a look at our non-connected body analysis scales. 


With the MyTANITA App, you can monitor your health and performance from your phone (both Android and Apple). The measurements you take on one of our smart scales appear directly in the app when you are connected with Bluetooth 4.0. This will immediately give  you detailed and visualised data from your measurements. The results can be manually displayed in different time frames, giving you a clear insight into the results of your efforts over the past week, month or year. This way, you can easily keep track of your progress. With the MyTANITA App, you can set goals and get automatic notifications when you reach them. 

What measurements does the smart body composition scales take?

The connected smart body scales can differ from each other in, for example, the health values it can measure. A smart scale gives you insight into the following values, which you can also track using the MyTANITA App:

Body fat percentage: You need body fat to keep the body warm, joints working smoothly and internal organs protected. But too much body fat can cause health problems, such as cardiovascular disease or obesity. A smart body analysis scale helps you monitor this. 

Visceral fat: Visceral fat surrounds the vital organs in and around the abdominal area. This is not the fat visible on the outside of the body, it is beneath the muscle wall, so can only be monitored at home with a body composition scale.. Just as with subcutaneous fat, the same applies to visceral fat: too much is not good. It increases the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. The smart body analysis scale measures your visceral fat, so you know exactly if you need to do something about it.

Muscle mass: The muscle mass shows the total weight of muscles in your body. When muscle mass increases, the rate at which you burn energy increases, which increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR). 

Muscle quality score: Indicating the condition (quality) of muscle which changes according to factors like age and exercise level.

Body water: With a smart body analysis scale, you know exactly where you stand. You may find that you are heavier on one day compared to another. This does not necessarily mean that you have failed or stagnated one day. Sometimes the body retains more water. A TANITA smart scale can also give you an insight into body water. This is the total amount of fluid in your body expressed as a percentage of your total weight. 

Metabolic age: The smart scale compares your BMR with the average of your age group. You can see it as the age of your body and it is a unique measurement from TANITA. Is the age of your body higher than your own age? Then there is work to be done! Try to exercise more regularly, for example. Is your actual age below the metabolic age? Then you are doing well!

Bone mass: Your bone mass may change over the years. It is important to maintain healthy bones by eating a balanced diet and exercising vigorously. Bone mass shows the predicted weight of bone mineral in your body. 

Physique Rating: The posture score provided by our smart body analysis scales gives an insight into your current body type. It assesses the percentage of muscle and body fat and classifies the result into one of nine body types. 

Basal metabolic rate (BMR): This is the minimum amount of energy or calories the body requires daily when at rest to function properly. 

Body Mass Index: Also known as BMI. It shows the relationship between your weight and height. A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25. 

Advantages of a smart body composition scale

Are you just starting out or do you want to take your health goals to the next level? Let TANITA contribute to your healthy lifestyle with our innovative health insights. We believe these insights empower you to transform your lifestyle and create new healthy habits. With a smart TANITA scale, you experience the following benefits, among others:

Gain insight into your progress at all times: After each weigh-in, you can see your results in the app, spotting trends and opportunities so you can adjust your nutrition and training plan accordingly. This way you will become the best version of yourself! 

Accurate: Thanks to our sophisticated algorithm, the measured values are converted into accurate numbers. Step on the scale and within 20 seconds you have insight into a complete body analysis and therefore your health! When you choose TANITA, you choose Japanese premium quality and reliability! 

More insight: Your health is about much more than just weight. Thanks to the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology, you gain insight into various health values such as muscle mass, fat free mass, visceral fat and your metabolic age.

Motivation: You work out regularly and eat healthily, but the weight on the scales just won't go down. A familiar feeling? A TANITA smart body analysis scale is a big stick. The insights it provides will motivate you to change your habits and adopt a new healthy lifestyle. Set goals, achieve results and become the healthiest version of yourself! 

Buy your TANITA smart composition scale

Set your health goals and find the smart scale that's right for you! This is how you take the first step towards your new healthy habits. With TANITA, you are choosing reliable Japanese technology. Every purchase comes with a 3 to 5-year guarantee. What's more, you can get started in no time because your scale with the app is dispatched within 2 to 5 working days.