The professional BIA monitors from TANITA are a high-quality solution for various fields within the health and fitness industry. For more than 70 years, we have been developing Japan's most advanced BIA technology. By making this technology available to various professionals as well as consumers worldwide, we have been contributing to creating a healthier world for decades.


As the founder of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, TANITA provides the most advanced body composition monitors to a variety of professionals. From personal trainers to dieticians and from general practitioners to oncologists. As the most accurate and reliable monitors on the market, TANITA BIA-monitors enable every professional to provide their clients and/or patients with optimal care and assistance.

Five reasons to choose TANITA:

Highest level of precision and clinical accuracy

In collaboration with various medical experts, TANITA has developed the most accurate body analysis monitors available. The original prediction equations used by TANITA were devised by world-renowned body composition expert Professor Steven Heymsfield and his research team at St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, Columbia University, New York. Extensive independent research has shown that an accurate prediction of a person's body composition can only be determined if a range of parameters are included in an algorithm, such as gender, age and height and weight. With our most advanced 4C model, we provide even more accurate measurements. This model divides body weight into 4 compartments: body fat, body water, minerals and protein. 

Experts trust TANITA

In the scientific community, TANITA is considered the golden standard in BIA technology. Multiple scientific journals and independent research studies have cited TANITA body composition monitors as the number one choice. The TANITA Medical Advisory Board ensures that we remain at the forefront of scientific advancements.

Pioneer in the development of new health insights

TANITA continuously invests in numerous research projects to better understand important health and fitness issues. Think, for example, of topics such as childhood obesity, optimising sports performance or sarcopenia in the elderly. With new and unique measurements - such as our Sarcopenia Index, muscle quality and metabolic age - we continue to provide new health insights and contribute to a healthier world. Read more about TANITA's product innovations.  

Medically approved body composition monitors

All of TANITA's medically approved professional monitors have been awarded NAWI certification, as well as MDD Class IIa, FDA and CE approval, ensuring that the highest standards are met.

Quality assured by exceptional warranty

With a TANITA BIA monitor, you are guaranteed the highest quality. Through continuous innovation, adherence to the highest quality standards within our award-winning manufacturing sites and independent quality control, all of our professional products meet international quality standards. We therefore proudly offer a 3 to 5 year warranty on all our professional products.



“We have implemented a range of post-surgical interventions to support the maintenance of lean and muscle mass, and track the efficacy of these using the muscle mass measurement provided by TANITA. 

TANITA BIA considers the patient's post-surgical lean and muscle mass when calculating BMR; providing a much more accurate estimation of the efficiency of the patient’s metabolism; supporting post-surgical nutritional guidance and long-term weight maintenance. 

Clinical accuracy is particularly important with our patients as they have elements of body composition well outside of healthy norms.”


Professor David Nocca 

Professor of Digestive Surgery at Montpellier University,Hospital Founding President of the French League Against Obesity

IFSO Ambassador



‘As a Medical Advisory Board member, I have consulted with and learned from TANITA engineers for over 20 years as they developed early prototypes that have now blossomed into advanced bioimpedance technologies that accurately quantify body composition.   These developments are timely as a critical need exists to go beyond simple but inaccurate measures of body shape and composition (e.g., body mass index) when evaluating people with obesity, sarcopenia, and other chronic medical conditions and diseases.’ 





Professor Steven Heymsfield 

Executive Director of Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge USA.

Member of TANITA Medical Advisory Board

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