Lifelong health

Wondering what TANITA can mean for your business? Thanks to the professional body composition monitors, you can create a personalised plan for your clients to achieve optimal results. Attracting new members, but certainly also retaining current members, remains a challenge for many gyms, as more people are exercising at home and outdoors, alongside the increased competitiveness of the industry. TANITA body composition monitors with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology can contribute to both of these goals and offer excellent value for money.

Early detection of sarcopenia

Many medical specialists are involved in the health and care of the elderly. Physical strength and muscular function are of crucial importance for the elderly population. A common disorder in the elderly in which muscle mass is greatly reduced is sarcopenia. It affects more than 20% of the over-65s, and in nursing homes the figure is as high as 70%. Sarcopenia involves an above-average loss of muscle mass, measurably reduced muscle function and, ultimately, reduced walking speed. This has major consequences for the mobility and therefore the quality of life of the elderly. To prevent this, early detection of sarcopenia is important. 

Our professional BIA monitors MC-980, MC-780 and MC-580 have a unique measurement: the sarcopenia index. This index detects risks that may indicate (the beginning of) sarcopenia, so that preventive measures can be taken.

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How does TANITA BIA-technology work?

At TANITA, we have various scales with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This technology provides insight into various health values by means of electrodes that send an imperceptible and safe current through the body via the hands and feet. Muscle, fat, bone and water conduct electricity at different speeds, allowing the body composition monitors to map out various health insights within 20 seconds.

Improve the quality of life of the elderly

In the early stages of sarcopenia, there are usually no symptoms, which makes the early detection of this condition particularly complicated. It is, however, of great importance that it is detected early on. Rapid decline in muscle strength causes a rapid decline in physical function in the elderly, leading to a higher risk of reduced independence and falls. 

Thanks to our accurate body analysis monitors, as a professional you can recognise these types of disorders early on. This allows you to provide your patients with immediate and informed advice, and the problem can be addressed. By tackling sarcopenia early on, for example with dietary advice and appropriate training, symptoms can be limited. In this way, you can ensure that your patients can live independently for a long time and that additional support in the form of a rollator or stair lift are not necessary. A healthier muscle mass also has a protective effect, reducing the risk of other conditions such as diabetes and obesity. 

Why a TANITA BIA-monitor

In addition to the unique sarcopenia index, TANITA BIA monitors offer a number of other relevant measurements for analysing body composition, including muscle mass, leg muscle score, bone mass, visceral fat and phase angle. 

TANITA BIA monitors are the most accurate and reliable on the market and enable every professional and medical specialist to provide optimal care to their patients. Thanks to the body analysis monitors, you are even better prepared to accurately analyse the health of your patients, in order to provide the best advice. Conditions such as sarcopenia can be detected and treated at an early stage, which can contribute to an improvement in physical functioning and increased self-reliance of your patients. 

Our monitors comply with all safety standards. TANITA offers a wide range of MDD Class II-a & NAWI Class III classified BIA monitors, which are well suited for use in a medical environment. This allows us to offer you, as a medical specialist, the most accurate and reliable body composition monitor possible.