In the dynamic world of fitness, gym owners are always seeking new avenues to enhance revenue and enrich their members' experiences.


One increasingly effective strategy gaining traction is the integration of body composition assessments into gym offerings, coupled with strategic upselling. This approach not only fosters financial growth but also adds layers of value for gym members. In this blog, we delve into the art of revenue generation through body composition assessments, accompanied by upsell options that cater to varying member preferences.


The Power of Body Composition Assessments

Body composition assessments are more than just numbers on a scale. They provide a holistic understanding of what our body weight is made up of, including muscle mass, fat percentage, and with TANITA the invaluable Metabolic Age. By offering these assessments, gyms empower their members with accurate data to set and track realistic fitness goals and increase accountability.



Single Measurement: 

Begin by introducing a basic body composition assessment for a low nominal fee. For example 5 euros. Low-cost entry points encourage members to dip their toes into the world of assessments, creating curiosity and a desire for more comprehensive insights.



Elevate the assessment experience with personalised consultations led by fitness experts. Half-hour PT sessions decode assessment results and provide customised fitness recommendations, nurturing a deeper commitment to achieving goals.


6 Months Health Monitoring Programme: 

For a comprehensive package, roll out a 6-month health monitoring program valued at a much higher fee. This offering includes regular body composition assessments, periodic check-ins with experts, and tailored fitness and nutrition plans. This holistic program ensures long-term engagement and adherence.

To maximise revenue potential and cater to diverse member preferences, gyms can seamlessly integrate body composition assessments into membership tiers:

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tiers:

Basic body composition assessments should be a staple feature across all membership tiers, but there could be a cost element or a limit on re-tests within the lower ones. This ensures every member receives a foundational understanding of their body composition, paving the way for future upselling.

 'Extra' Membership:

Craft a premium membership tier, offering monthly assessments, quarterly consultations, and discounts on health monitoring programs. This tier appeals to individuals seeking continuous progress tracking and personalised guidance.

VIP Membership:

Cater to fitness aficionados with the VIP Membership, providing unlimited body composition assessments, bi-monthly consultations, and access to exclusive fitness events. This tier targets those committed to their fitness journey and craving personalised support.


Health Membership:

Devise a membership tier solely centred on holistic well-being, complete with regular assessments, consultations, health-focused workshops, and group fitness class access. This caters to individuals prioritising overall health and wellness, not necessarily ‘fitness’.


Recognising that it's easier to retain current members than acquire new ones, gyms can also harness the power of downselling:

  • 'Health' Memberships: Introduce 'Health' memberships designed to retain and attract a distinct category of members. These memberships can serve as a last-ditch effort to retain those considering cancellation. Forgetting ‘the gym’ and offering a membership focused on health monitoring and lifestyle.

  • Stand-Alone ‘Health Seeker’ Membership: A unique offering similar to the above with a focus on health monitoring, lifestyle and wellness; appealing to individuals who might not typically opt for a gym membership. By attracting 'non-gym' members, gyms can break through the notorious '15%' membership barrier and increase revenue without adding more bodies to the gym floor.

Incorporating body composition assessments and the strategic upselling of associated services offers a multi-pronged approach to revenue generation. Simultaneously, the introduction of downselling options fosters retention and widens the gym's appeal. This synergy creates a win-win situation for gym owners and members alike, propelling the fitness space into an exciting era of personalised wellness journeys.

Testimonial from Six Elements

Six Elements Fitness, a gym located in Cologne, Germany, serves as a prime example of how Body Composition Assessments can increase revenue, retention, and member satisfaction. In July 2022, they introduced a paid quarterly One-Hour assessment that includes a Tanita scale scan, blood pressure readings, and a brief assessment of strength, mobility, and endurance parameters to monitor all-round improvement in key areas.

Based on the results, members receive an adapted exercise plan, and for an additional fee, a nutrition plan as well. This allows members to clearly measure their improvements and receive personalized, data-driven plans based on their actual results. Regular assessments also enable staff to address concerns, reduce churn, and ask for referrals, contributing to increased revenue.

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