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With its sleek and slim design, the 1479V is built for convenience and portability.


Color Black
Weight of product 170g
Maximum weight capacity 120g
Warranty 3 years
Product dimensions 76 x 156x 16.5 mm
Accuracy 0.1g
Power supply Battery
Place of Manufacture Japan


Grams (g) 120g


Grams (gr) function
Ounces (oz) function
Carat (ct) function -
Grain (gr) function -
Troy Ounce (ozt) function
Pennyweight (dwt) function
Hong Kong Tael (ht) function
Taiwan Tael (tt) function


Grams (g) 0.1g

What's in the box?

Battery Included


TANITA model 1479V
EAN 490478507434

Product description

Experience the precision and reliability of the TANITA 1479V, a compact and portable digital scale that delivers unparalleled accuracy in weight measurement. Designed by the esteemed brand TANITA, known for their expertise in precision scales and body composition analyzers, this scale is a must-have for individuals, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals who value accurate weight tracking.

With its sleek and slim design, the 1479V is built for convenience and portability. Whether you're traveling or simply tight on space, this scale effortlessly fits into your luggage or drawer, allowing you to monitor your weight wherever life takes you. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for your weight management journey.

Powered by advanced technology, the 1479V employs TANITA's proprietary weighing system, guaranteeing minimal variations and errors in your measurements. Say goodbye to inconsistent readings and hello to precise and reliable results


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