How to best measure and monitor your body composition

Getting the most from our TANITA body composition scales. Top tips for how to best measure and monitor your body composition. 

Remember, a TANITA Body Composition Scale is completely different to a normal bathroom scale; showing you not just your weight, but also what that weight is made up of. Your body composition naturally changes due to factors such as eating, drinking, sweating and going to the loo. These factors can change your body weight up to 2.5 kg during the course of the day, so it is important to measure under most consistent circumstances possible.

By following these guidelines, normal daily fluctuations will average out, and you will be able to better assess the real changes in your body composition over time.

1. Measure once a week, at a similar time of day.

2. Position your scale on a flat, solid, floor surface, not on carpet.

3. Avoid taking a measurement straight after exercise. Exercise affects your body in a number of ways, this can lead to inconsistent results.

4. Measure 2-3 hours after a meal as undigested food/drink will artificially increase your weight. Large amounts of caffeine or alcohol tend to impact water transfer in your body and will have a negative impact on the accuracy of the results.

5. Always stand on the scale with bare feet because the electrodes need skin contact. Preferably measure with as little clothing as possible and empty your pockets (especially electrical devices such as phones, smart watches and GPS devices).

6. Make sure you stand completely still during the measurements. When measuring with a TANITA segmental scale, with hand electrodes, make sure your arms are stretched out a bit so there is some room between your body and arms.

7. Keep the scale in a room with a moderate temperature and without high humidity – for this reason it is best not to keep your scale in the bathroom.

8. Finally, keep your scale clean and free from dust.