The mind body bi-directional interaction is becoming more and more influential when it comes to supporting our mental and physical wellbeing. Although exercise itself has been recognized to benefit our physical health, research shows it is much more than just the ability to function. Our mind houses our spirit and motivation, which essentially kicks start any new wellness goal, and regardless of the internal or external challenges we face on a day to day basis, our mind and body continue to perform as one bigger functional unit.

Research suggests that the physical process of setting goals and achieving them, contributes to personal happiness. It does so by not only increasing engagement, but also creating a sense of accomplishment, which in turn builds confidence and self esteem. Goals are set to focus our attention, to visualize the end objective and to create a personal project. Tanita monitors are key to setting a benchmark, enabling you to analyze, monitor, and assess how your body responds to both training and recovery. By giving us a full body composition analysis, it provides us with a starting point. A bespoke approach is then used to create an effective training programme tailored to the individual.

This too, aligns with hero’s technology platform Navigator, whose aim is ‘to create healthier and happier communities, one unique human at a time’. Unique as it allows for individual personalisation. It also boasts a holistic focus which taps into our physical, mental and social wellbeing, and is inclusive for all levels and interests. Both award winning products enable us to measure, manage and celebrate our success, regardless of the initial starting point. Active inspiration via positive reinforcement and positive self-talk will encourage daily habit tracking, and build natural momentum, further supporting our mind and body. This in turn will elevate our self confidence and motivation- two key attributes to excelling day to day, overcoming challenges and increasing performance'

Three key points to help you stick to your goals

  • Change must be self-initiated - our personal motivation to create a new healthy habit must far outweigh the ease and consequence of continuing the old one. Without this, we spend too much time contemplating and never sucessfully make the change.
  • Utilise support - of family, friends and colleagues to motivate and encourage you! Healthy behaviour is a team sport and a really powerful tool that validates our thoughts, feelings and actions, enhacing our perceived control and self-efficacy.
  • Celebrate your success - stop and reflect on your achievements, track your progress with the Tanita RD-953 with app and share it with your social support network. Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to encourage and modify postive healthy behaviours, keeping you on track!

This blog is written in collaboration with UK partners Hero