As we countdown to the upcoming New Year, the tradition of making resolutions is on the horizon. But did you know that this age-old practice dates back as far as 4000 years ago? The ancient Babylonians were the trailblazers in this regard, celebrating the start of the new year with a 12-day festival known as Akitu. During these festivities, they made resolutions to their gods, setting the stage for a practice that has transcended millennia.


Babylonian Resolutions:

The Babylonians had a unique approach to resolutions, pledging loyalty to their king and promising to settle debts and return borrowed items. Their belief was that fulfilling these promises would earn favour from the gods while breaking them would result in divine disapproval. While their resolutions might not align with today's common themes of exercise and financial planning, the core idea of self-improvement remains a timeless pursuit.


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Fast forward to the present day, and resolutions have evolved, with improving finances now ranking as the second most popular New Year's resolution. According to Forbes, the majority of resolutions focus on health-related goals.

The Challenge of Keeping Resolutions

Despite the good intentions behind New Year's resolutions, many people find it challenging to stick to their goals. Forbes highlights the difficulties people face, shedding light on the high rate of resolution abandonment. Research from the University College London suggests that it takes an average of 66 days for a person to form a new habit. This means that resolutions made on January 1st, may not become ingrained until around March 7th.


The Role of Technology:

In the digital age, technology has become a valuable ally in helping individuals stay on track with their resolutions. Apps and smart devices play a crucial role in maintaining motivation and accountability. The key is to persevere through the critical 66-day period, where habits are solidified.


The Smart Approach with TANITA Body Composition Monitors:

For those looking to embark on a fitness or health journey in the coming year, smart body composition monitors can be indispensable tools. TANITA, a leading brand in this space, offers a range of models tailored to different needs.


- Ideal for monitoring fitness improvement.
- Provides results per body part for a comprehensive assessment.

- Suited for those focusing on general health.
- Tracks progress beyond weight and BMI for a holistic view.

- Similar to the RD-953 but designed for frequent travellers.
- Enables progress tracking even while away from home.



As we embark on a new year, drawing inspiration from the ancient Babylonians, let's approach resolutions with a sense of history and a commitment to self-improvement. The 66-day challenge may seem daunting, but with the right tools and technology, such as TANITA's smart body composition monitors, we can turn our resolutions into lasting habits. Whether it's improving fitness, general health, or staying on track while travelling, these devices provide the insights needed to set attainable goals, monitor progress, and stay motivated throughout the journey.

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