Accurate Bathroom Scales

Do you ever wonder if your bathroom scale is accurate? You step on the bathroom scale once in a while, and there you have it: your weight. But is your scale right? How accurate is the measurement? When you go out to your gym and weigh yourself you’ve got a fair chance that the numbers don’t add up! How can you start your weight loss when you can’t measure your body in an accurate way? In this article we will tell you what the most accurate bathroom scales are, what might be wrong if your scale is off and what scales are most accurate for weight loss.

The best bathroom scales

The main job of a scale is to provide accurate measurements. It needs to have it right every time you step on it. However, an accurate measurement of your weight is not enough to assess your health or weight loss progress.

Your weight is made up of so much more than only fat. Muscles and water, for example, also carry weight. When you get a better understanding of what your weight is made up off, you can really start to get in shape.

I'm not losing any weight, though I exercise regularly..

Say for example that you want to lose weight and start building muscle mass. You'll probably start out with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Weighing yourself is an important part to keep track of your progress. But what happens when you don't get a hold of what this data consists off. If you don't track the exact components of what your body is made up off, you might end up getting frustrated.

While you exercise you will be increasing your muscle mass. Together with a healthy diet you'll start losing fat in your body. On a simple bathroom scale your weight might remain the same or even increase. This is because your weight consists of different elements. As you increase your muscle mass, you'll gain weight. As you'll lose fat, you'll lose weight. But in the end your weight stays the same. If you don't get a hold of the composition of your weight, you'll think that your diet and regular workouts aren't working out. But if you get the exact details of your body composition you'll see that you'll be losing fat and gaining muscle tissue. Bottom line is that simple scales are not accurate scales for weight loss.

Scales that measure everything

Tanita produces special bathroom scales, called body composition monitors. They makes use of advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Technology. With this technology you are able to see accurate measurements regarding muscle, fat, body water, bone density and more. Every bathroom scale has four metal pads you place your feet on. Through these pads a very slow and safe electrical signal is sent through your body. There it encounters different amounts of resistance, which are measured.

With our ingenious algorithm, we’re able to transfer these measurements to accurate numbers. By standing on a Tanita bathroom scale you’ll have insights in your body composition, and therefore your health, in less than 20 seconds. Therefore, Tanita body composition monitors are the most accurate bathroom scales.

Different accurate bathroom scales

At Tanita we offer different sorts of accurate bathroom scales. From mini body composition monitors to professional weighing equipment. Our segmental body composition monitors are measure four different segments of your body. With these bathroom scales you even get more detailed information on your body composition. Our product range also offers scales that have Bluetooth technology. Here you are able to track your progress through our special designed application for your smartphone. No matter what your goal is, Tanita has the answer.

Why is my bathroom scale not accurate?

There're different factors that impact the accuracy of your regular bathroom scale.

1. The moment you weigh yourself

The actual moment you step onto your bathroom scale is very important. This should always be in the morning right after you get up. Try to avoid drinking or eating anything befor you step on your bathroom scale.


2. The positioning of your bathroom scale

To get the most out of your accurate bathroom scale positioning is very important. Placing your bathroom scale on a carpet is not recommended. The best surfaces to position your bathroom scale are wooden, concrete or hard linoleum floors. Make sure the surface where you place your digital weighing scale is flat and hard.



3. The room temperature

The temperature can have significant impact on the results shown on a bathroom scale. We always advice to position a bathroom scale in a room where chances of temperature fluctuations are reduced to a minimum. Preferably a room where the temperature is constant during the entire day.


4. The type of bathroom scale you have

What kind of bathroom scale you have matters. Simple digital scales often provide not the best results. This can have different reasons. But the one of the most important reasons your bathroom scale might be off is the technology that is used to measure your weight.